the people of we in group photo holding the logo in the middle

WE was constructed in an extremely central part of the city, next to the University area. A distinctive, youthful, multipurpose venue that promotes culture and sports and aspires to be a meeting point for creative and active people, as well as a source of inspiration for a different lifestyle, a new urban behavior and culture.

The goals of WE are:

  • The provision of high quality, innovative cultural and sports services.
  • Promoting the value of cultural and athletic activity in everyday evolution and improving quality of life.
  • The dissemination of alternative, contemporary and ascendant forms of arts and sports.

The venue was studied in detail and designed to host sports, cultural events, as well as leisure, learning and training activities. The target age group of the venue starts from childhood/adolescence and ends at the purely youthful audience, without excluding older ones. WE is friendly for children and fully accessible to people with motor disabilities.

We aims at creating a new entertainment experience with clear positions and suggestions for the city's cultural and sports' life!

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