Snowboarding in the ski and snowboard simulator at WE

WE owns a ski and snowboard simulator (Maxxtracks ISB 2000). The cutting-edge carpet, the mirror in front of the rider and the ease of communication with the operator/instructor are some of the means that provide great efficiency in learning and improving technique. The ability to use the simulator throughout the year multiplies them. The excursions on the mountain will now be even more enjoyable but also efficient!

In countries such as the Netherlands (where this machine is manufactured), ski simulation has a continuous presence over the last 20 years, demonstrating its value in both 'learning from scratch' but also in the training and development of athletes of the particular sports. Now, in many other countries worldwide (from Australia to Canada), ski simulation centers are constantly popping-up, offering to people the opportunity to get acquainted with this excellent activity for health and lifestyle.

Special offers have been formed for specific population categories and are announced regularly.